March 6th, 2015    

  • Course Open
  • Range Open
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Social Members have full access to the Clubhouse facilities and may attend all social functions of the Club that are not an extension of a golfing activity.  They may charge to their member account to a maximum of $200 at any given time.  Accounts must be paid on a "net 30" basis, that is within 30 days of the statement date. 

$ 526 Annual Social Dues
$ 134 Annual Building Assessment 

All Fees and Dues are subject to applicable tax

* Please note that there is a Food & Beverage minimum of $300 semi-annually per member.
* New members must remain as a member for a minimum of twelve (12) consecutive calendar
* To make it easy to make your monthly payments we will be pleased to setup a preauthorized
payment program for you, with payments processed on the 20th of each month.